The Bush House - exclusive private game lodge in malaria free Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa - Game viewing drives to see the Big 5

The Bush House

Hello Everyone


What a wonderful couple of months these have been. The lush green bush has yet again made sure that we are not left disappointed. We had surprises around every corner in all shapes and sizes.



Starting with my favorite, the lions. What a lion spree it has been with a  lion sighting guaranteed almost every drive. The ones that especially stood out was the pride known as the “Mika pride”. The pride is 11 lions strong and 13 when the pride males are around. We have spent quite a bit of time with these lions and saw them doing a variety of things, from the youngsters playing, attempting to make a kill, feeding on a fresh kill all the way to doing what lions do best, sleeping and lazing around.



The males of this pride have also been seen often on their territorial patrols. They are two very strong lions in the prime of their life with a HUGE territory that requires regular marking. We had spend many mornings following these guys as they go about their business of scent marking and the usual territorial roars which I am sure confirms to anyone why they are the king of the bush.


Once again we have got five new additions to our lion population. As the lionesses tend to hide these cubs for the first couple of weeks, they have not been seen too regularly, but once again we were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and got our share of those energetic young ones.



Talking about energetic young ones, we had a very playful White Rhino calf that provided for lots of laughter when he decided that the game viewer was his friend and playfully hopped and jumped around the vehicle.


The rare wild dogs have also been spending a lot of time in the West and we got to see them often. They also made two kills in one day at the lodge, one right by the eastern access and another at the ever popular waterhole of the lodge.


Wild dog

Leopard sighting as always was a rare thing, but what a pleasure it was to find a leopard in a tree with a wildebeest kill. Just like we all imagine seeing a leopard in the wild.



Over the last couple of months we had quite a few enthusiastic birders visiting the lodge. That made for some interesting discoveries and even a couple of new birds for our checklist.


As always the gentle giants provided us with lots of entertainment at the waterhole and on drive. We were surrounded by breeding herds of elephant on many drives but strangely enough we never had any real problems. Usually our breeding herds tend to be aggressive, but fortunately we did not get a lot of that, and I think we all started to realize why they are called gentle giants.



With our summer temperatures rising to the high thirties, the animals needed a lot of water and as usual our water sources delivered their share of sightings. Especially the big herds of buffalo going for a drink at Tlou Dam.


Our well known Black Rhino bull  “Hansa” have also came round to our waterhole for a drink and spend quite a few days resting under the bushes in front of the lodge.
Black Rhinos are usually solitary creatures, but we were pleasantly surprised to see this guy with another female and her calf in the area. They have gone back to their usual solitary self, but the female with her calf seems to have set up territory here and have proudly shown off her calf at the waterhole for us.


That’s it from my side. Hope you all will have many more pleasant visits to this very special place.



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