Many thanks for a wonderful stay! It was fantastic to see the big five all in one day. A special thanks for the baby leopard!!! The staff was phenomenal, we loved them all. Coenie- brush your hair! The food was beautiful and delicious and the service was fantastic. We definitely enjoyed the warn fires and hot water bottles. The game drives were great and we saw many animals that matched our criteria- 1. If we could eat it. 2.If it could kill a squirrel. Thank you for the care you have provided over the past two days. It has been such a lovely, enjoyable stay.

Paul. Sandi, Emily & Katy Harmon
June, 2011

Thank you so much for a superb stay.You seem to have thought of everything down to the tiniest detail. I returned to the icy wastes of Boston (-7C!) but all I have to do is look at my marvelous pics and it doesn’t seem to matter!

Anna Kanarek
March, 2011

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