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First Quarter 2012 - Ranger's Letter

Madikwe In The Mist



This morning we were pleasantly surprised with this stunning view of the koppies in the mist.



On the reserve things are going well, it is very dry but at least the started pumping water into Thlou dam which helps but we did not have nearly enough rain this season. Still we hope for the best Madikwe will always be awesome allow me to illustrate…


baby Elephant Spotted Owl


This elephant baby is probably about 3 years old. Still he had the courage to have a go at us without mommy being present and as you can see on his face he was a bit disappointed to see that we did not think much of his futile attempt to scare us was fun though he was a noisy little bugger!!! Full of bravado. This spotted eagle owl on the right was out in broad day light less than 5 meter from us -a very special sighting. You can appreciate those beautiful eyes staring straight through your soul.


Going on with the game drives you might get beautiful afternoon light for photos like these young stallions play fighting with a majestic giraffe blurred in the background!!


Zebra and Giraffe


Now something that I am pretty sure the only place in South Africa you can see this is in Madikwe. Behold…


Brown and Spotted Hyena


This is a rare shot of a brown hyena launching an attack on a spotted hyena!!!! Firstly seeing these two together is a marvel on its own! Secondly a brown hyena attacking a spotted is absolutely epic!!! They are usually shy and tentative but not this one you could see it in his eyes he was ready to fight and he did!

As always I like to look down at the small things too…


African Stinking Ants


What you are looking at here is African stinking ants that are busy moving there pupas across the road. These things are vicious when it comes to the survival of the colony I tried to pick one up and got bitten badly!!! It was sore for three days! Very cool to see them go about their business.


Don’t think I forgot about the predators they are to follow below…


Some affection between our lions that are now about a year and a half old!!! An of course the wild dogs how can I not say anything about them?


Lioness Cuddling Wild Dog


On this morning that we saw them they killed two kudus and the alpha female looked very pregnant so they will find a den sight soon and then we can expect to see some pups in the next month or so. The sightings in this place just keep getting better and better. The reserve is planning to do allot of game introductions this coming winter and it would be good to see more general game.


Going into winter I am very excited as it is a good time for game viewing and I do love the fresh mornings although some will argue there about the morning situation. We are just hoping for one last bit of good rain.    


Lastly, on the left our typical start to game drive in the mornings with a glorious sunrise.


Sunrise Sunset


The right the end of a typical day at the office sun setting over a lead wood tree in Thlou dam.
Well there you have it, our adventures, worries and escapades. You know were we are.


Keep well The Bush House Family.