Fourth Quarter 2011 - Ranger's Letter

Yellow Hornbill 





Birds are chirping and chatting about babies are all over the show and all is green. Some of the game drives in the rain have been sideways for the most part but otherwise all is well in Madikwe and The Bush house…




Of all the baby animals impalas just stand out the most. Perfect little things that are exact replicas of the adults. This photo show a little cress of youngsters of about a month old they all get born roughly at the same time.
One of these somehow found his way into our lodge area it was quite a story to catch him but it all went well and he was reunited with his concerned mother.




Our male lions generally form coalitions of two or three male to rule their territory. This one by the looks of things had a fight with his brother and now has a black eye and a few not to serious scratches. The bond between male lions are very strong but this goes to show you that there truly is a fine line between love and hate and that sibling rivalry is not so uncommon. Guess why most of these boys fight with one another……??That’s right GIRLS!!!
Now though all is forgiven and forgotten as they were sleeping under the same bush life goes on.


Dung Beetle Rhino


Now, on to something a little smaller yet bigger. The chap on the left is a ball rolling dung beetle, the chap on the right a white rhino. The dung beetle here is at the start of an epic voyage from rolling the white rhino dung(in this case) into a ball finding a female, getting a egg into the ball and finally covering it in mud then burying it under the ground so that the larva can eat, develop and next raining season emerge as a fully grown dung beetle. Fascination to sometimes just look down and take some time to view the small wonders.




Wild dogs!!!! Need I say more!!! We were so fortunate to see these amazing animals one or twice in the last quarter of 2011 absolutely amazing!! I said before and again these things leave me at a loss for words.


To close off this wonder full and blessed year




See if you can spot the thing with the spots!!! Was a mission and a half to get to him but always worth it!!! This leopard was sleeping just like a typical cat not paying any attention to us.


We are now officially in summer and the whole world around us is alive with insects, birds reptiles and lush green green bush! I am actually a winter child but do love all the action we get in summer. We are faced with allot of challenges in summer some of the roads are closed of after lots of rain so we can only drive in certain areas. This does not sound to challenging but trust me after a couple of days it puts your creativity to the test! Next time you will hear from me it will probably be close to winter so I shall keep you posted on the progress…


Hope to hear from or see you all soon!


Coenie, Madikwe and the Bush House family.