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Sue & Gordon's Notebook - January 2017

2017 is here, the "silly season" as we call it is over, and we are all back at work. "To do lists" get re-activated, and we all set about our plans for the new year. Those plans do include holidays and relaxation time - for without these breaks, we would all be totally unproductive!

If a holiday to the Bush House is included in your plans, we look forward to your visit, and for the first quarter of the new year, you should be able to experience some of the magic this time of the year has to offer. Summer is in full swing, and this is our rainy season.

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January 2017 Ranger's Letter

Hi Everyone

After a long dry spell the rains have finally arrived, leaving Madikwe wet, muddy and beautifully green. The dams are filling up and although the bush is much thicker and spotting game is more challenging, our drives are lovely and scenic.

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