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June 2014 - Sue & Gordon's Notebook

Winter is here, and has arrived rather suddenly. Very quickly, almost over night, the warm days and cool evenings of autumn were replaced with cold nights and early mornings and chill days especially when the wind blows. We quickly got the winter routines into place for our guests - hot water bottles on game drive and in the bed at night, as well as fires lit to warm up in the evenings on return from game drive. For those so inclined, an extra sherry or two also helps keep the body warm. If anyone reading this has a good recipe for gluhwein, please do send it to us.

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June 2014 - Ranger's Letter

With the heat of the summer and the thunderous evenings passing by March, April and May have provided us and all our guests with spectacular sightings. Game drives have been a joy mixed with great humour and moments never to be forgotten. Once in a lifetime wildlife moments from regular leopard sightings, hyenas and black backed jackals feasting on left over lion kills to beautiful weaved spider webs glowing in the sun light.

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