June 2018 Ranger's Letter

Madikwe is now in its winter stage with temperatures cooling down on drives but sightings still surprising the guides. Game drive vehicles being equipped with blankets and the ever so welcoming hot water bottles makes for a comfortable drive.

As usual, fitting all that has happened into one newsletter is challenging. So we have just highlighted some of our favourite moments.

Here we have two male cheetah enjoying a young wildebeest kill. This was taken in the afternoon, after having seen them make the kill in the morning. We had found the cheetah after a few minutes of tracking. Five minutes into the sighting they started to show signs of wanting to hunt. Excitement struck when we notice a herd of wildebeest in the distance and the immediate interest taken by the cheetah. Seeing a cheetah chase is always a treat and usually something that is seen only on national geographic. We were very fortunate to share this amazing experience with our guests, and we are sure it’s not only us but them too that are telling the story.


We have been very fortunate with our cat sightings the past few months. With one of Madikwe’s lionesses being pregnant, here at the Bush House everyone was waiting in anticipation for the welcoming of the new cubs. Three weeks later we were on game drive and got the call from one of the guides in the reserve saying that the cubs had been born. We were eager to go see the cubs for the first time. Over the weeks there after we have seen the cubs in different scenarios, from suckling on mom, to the moaning of dad as they pulled on his tail wanting to play. 


Every drive has its own uniqueness. From seeing the magnificent big 5 to the smallest of creatures like the mighty Dwarf Mongoose. The mongoose can be found throughout the park protecting animals and our guests from snakes, as they are known to be fearless when it comes to these fearful reptiles. 


The bird life seen from the Bush House and on game drives is something worth experiencing. With the park having different landscapes such as rocky hills, open grasslands and small forests that are home to a large variety of bird species. We have witnessed many spectacular birds on drive one being the famous flying banana, commonly known as the Southern Yellow Billed Hornbill. We have witnessed these birds feeding on scorpions and various other creepy crawlies.


On the rocky hills of Madikwe one can find a rare antelope known as the klipspringer. This animal is well known for its ability to move swiftly across rocks. When on game drive take a moment to glance up onto the rocky ridges and you might be lucky enough to spot one.

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Madikwe is a magnificent park with so much more to offer than just the usual animals and birds. Here in Madikwe we have scenery that is distinctive to African beauty. There are breathe taking places to view in the park, One of these breath taking views being the famous African Sunrise.


Winter has approached and the rains have left us. With colder conditions we seeing the grass change colour and the animals just like us are putting on their winter coats.

With many laughs to have and bush to explore we hope you will make unforgettable memories here at the Bush House. As Guides we hope to make your experience a once in a lifetime.

From the guides at the Bush House we wish you a pleasant stay and hope you will be able to feel as much at home at the Bush House as we do.

Bush Regards,

Michael & Gregg