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May 2015 - Sue & Gordon's Notebook

You may or may not have heard of the movie "The Gods must be Crazy" written and directed by South African Jamie Uys. Great comedy if ever you come across it. In real, and far more serious terms, this year the Gods must be crazy in terms of what we have received as a rainy season! By now, the start of May, our rainy season is over, and we have had well less than half our normal annual average. For a region that is traditionally arid, this is potentially devastating, both for humans and animals alike. Without water, obviously nothing can survive, and for the herbivores, the low rainfall also has an enormous impact on the quality of grass and acacia thorn scrub for the grazers and browsers.

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May 2015 - Ranger's Letter

Where did the rain go? The last few months in the bush have been tough on all the animals and plant life.

The heavy summer rains that boost the wildlife and provide it with the necessary nutrients to pass through the dry winter months never really developed. Nonetheless sightings have been brilliant and many rare and unseen animals have thrilled our guests.

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