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Oct 2010 - Sue & Gordon Notebook

No alarm clock needed! That’s so true when you have red billed hornbills in camp. These little blighters hammer on our windows very forcefully with their beaks at the ludicrously early hour of 05:00 am each day.

Verbal insults, flying footwear and pillows are all to no avail.
I am positive that the insistent knocking for their morning seed is one day going to drill a hole through the glass!

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Oct 2010 - Rangre's Letter

 Greetings everyone

Well what an eventful few months it has proved to be since our last newsletter, great and interesting sightings both at the lodge and on the reserve.
Along with our spring season which started on the 1st of September came some pretty hot temperatures already which has been quite a relief from the cold evenings and frisky mornings. Having said this, we are still eagerly awaiting the first rains which sometimes surprise us in September but usually starting around mid to late October.
It is really amazing to witness the changes in the bush as a result of the change in season. There is a specific evergreen tree which is widespread throughout the reserve called “Shepherds’ tree” or “Witgat”, which has dark green leaves during the winter and the timing is almost perfect as just after the 1st of September it is a pleasure to see fresh lightly colored green leaves appearing but that is not the end, the best part is when the tree is in flower. When driving past these trees one is greeted with quite an unpleasant strong sour smell, a reminder that nature offers us the bad with the good.

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