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Second Quarter 2011 - Sue and Gordon’s Notebook

Sue and I write very differently, and about different things. The last few newsletters have been expertly written by Sue (lots of flowers and cute things),but now it’s my turn again (more pics and stories of the big, impressive stuff) – something to do with Venus and Mars, I think!

We are just at that point in the year when we start to experience the change of seasons. I guess you would call it Autumn, as we move from Summer towards Winter. This transition in our part of the World is normally a quick one, and therefore is usually not thought of or referred to as Autumn – just moving out of Summer into Winter.


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Second Quarter 2011 - Ranger's Letter

April 2011

Greetings once again from my self and all of us here at The Bush House.
Well, what an eventful few months it has been on Madikwe in terms of animals, weather, game viewing and the excitement which followed.
It most definitely seems that we have received the bulk of our summer rain fall during this last month of April as approximately 200mm has already fallen and this has happened on two occasions. One morning early April we witnessed how the water was flowing over the cliff situated behind the lodge after about 100mm of rain, this is a rare occasion.


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