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Second Quarter 2012 - Sue and Gordon’s Notebook

Like the quick transition from night to day, Summer has arrived literally overnight.  Winter this year (May to August in our part of the World) was harsh by normal standards, in that it was bitterly cold in the early mornings, and as soon as the sun sets in the late afternoon, again time to wrap up really warmly. Our guests were treated not only with hot water  bottles in bed at night, but also on game drive, which made all the difference.


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Second Quarter 2012 - Ranger's Letter

Hi everyone

Sunsets, ghosts and a 4 day honeymoon…that is just some of the things I am going to talk about…

We responded to a call on our two way radio, to a possible lion sighting one morning. We arrived at the spot, where one female and one male lion were spotted, but the male decided to hide from the paparazzi while the female allowed us to take photos of her while walking down the road and then vanished right in front of us into dense vegetation. We decided to head back to the male to see if he was so kind to show himself but to no avail – we then decided to go and have a coffee some kilometers away. As we got to the coffee break stop, we got a huge surprise! Another honeymoon couple! They were walking back and forth across the road, in front of us, next to us! Absolutely fantastic! They were the two Naledi brothers (+-6 years) and the two Bulaya sisters (+-5 years), from two different prides!   The “honeymoon” will last for about 4 days, and then +- 3 and a half months later, we might have 1-4 (exception 6) youngsters per female running around! Though very social cats, it is the females’ sole responsibility for feeding and rearing the young, the male plays no paternal role!


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