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Online Webcam

The Webcam Gallery for 2020 was recently updated. Check it out now.

Webcam Window

Our webcam overlooking the waterhole in front of the Lodge is live, 24 / 7.

Owing to bandwidth issues where we are, the best available solution has been to provide this window which updates with a live view every 30 seconds.

Stay with this window on the website, or click on “Webcam window” to keep our webcam screen open on your desk top whilst you carry on with your normal work.


The Bush House Webcam Gallery

At night, the webcam footage is recorded, and pictures are extracted for your enjoyment.We have often wondered about who visits our waterhole at night once we have all gone to bed. Night shots are in black & white, and quite “grainy”, but you will get a good idea of who comes down to drink. These have been added to pics we manage to snap during the day.
Click on the gallery link to the right to view some great shots!

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